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RIB boat on Wildlife Sea Safari

RIB boat on Wildlife Sea Safari

© Fred Jonny Hammerø

Alnes Lighthouse

Alnes Lighthouse

© Terje Rakke / Nordic life



© Atlanterhavsparken

Sunnmøre Open Air Museum

Sunnmøre Open Air Museum

© Visitalesund



© RawReklame&Foto

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Search Things to Do




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  1. Add Gems in Vanylven to your Itinerary

    Gems in Vanylven


    6143 FISKÅ

    When in Vanylven you are surrounded by incredible tales and accounts of events.

    St. Edmund's stone
    According to the legend of St. Edmund's stone, the English King Edmund (Jetmund) lay down to sleep here. The place where he slept is called…

  2. Add Stordal Old Church to your Itinerary

    Stordal Old Church


    6250 Stordal

    In the small village community Stordal, renowned for its furniture, you can visit the remarkable Rose Church from 1789.

    With its unique Baroque and Renaissance adornments on both walls, ceiling and pillars it is a church like no other. Many of the…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK25.00 to NOK100.00 Admission
  3. Add Ørskog Kirke to your Itinerary

    Ørskog Kirke


    6240 Ørskog

    Ørskog church is often called "The cathedral of Storfjorden”. It is idyllically situated in the centre of Sjøholt. with the sea near by. The church was built in 1873, and has space for about 600 people. There has been a church house at this location…

  4. Add The Hjørungavåg National Monumentet to your Itinerary

    The Hjørungavåg National Monumentet


    6063 Hjørungavåg

    In 986 A.D, a decisive battle was fought at Hjørungavåg in Hareid. Håkon and Eirik Earl's victory over the Joms Vikings was an important part in the process of gathering all of Norway into one kingdom. By Overåsanden you can see the National…

  5. Add The Town Park in Ålesund to your Itinerary

    The Town Park in Ålesund


    6002 Ålesund

    The Town Park in Ålesund was built at the west side of Mount Aksla in 1885, by Ålesund municipality. A gardener planned the park after the design of other popular parks in those days, where the area's topography is the basis of its construction.…

  6. Hareid Church


    6060 Hareid

    Hareid Church was built in wood in 1877. The church seats 500 persons. Architects were H. E. Schirmer and von Hanno. Master builder was Knut L. Stokkeland from Vestnes.

    The altarpiece made by the scot Anders (Andrew) Lawrenceson Smith in1660, is…

  7. Add Sunnylven Church to your Itinerary

    Sunnylven Church


    6218 Hellesylt

    Sunnylven is a tall, airy and roomy church seating up to 270. Built in 1858 and consecrated by Bishop Kaurin on 7th August 1859.

    Sunnylven is one of several churches built within a short period of time with the same architect, Captain Rolfsen…

  8. Add Norddal church to your Itinerary

    Norddal church


    6214 Norddal

    Norddal church was built in 1782 and is the first octagonal church to be built in Sunnmøre. The church was constructed on the same site on which the old stave church once stood. This church was built in Valldal and moved to Norddal in the 1620s.…

  9. Add Gange-Rolv to your Itinerary



    6001 Ålesund

    Statue located in the Town Park in Ålesund.

  10. Add The Skodje bridges to your Itinerary

    The Skodje bridges


    6260 Skodje

    In Skodje there are two beautiful bridges from 1916-1919 constructed in cobblestone. The bridge across the Skodjestrømmen current is not suited for today's traffic, and was replaced by a new and modern bridge in 2004.

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